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Saskatoon woman could face five years in prison for threatening to kill Prime Minister Trudeau

A Saskatoon woman has reportedly been charged by the RCMP (Courtesy: Discover Moose Jaw)

A Saskatoon woman has reportedly been charged by the RCMP for threatening to murder Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

On Oct. 13, the RCMP said they received a report of an online video chat of a woman, identified as 25-year-old Marly Dansereau, threatening to “kill” the prime minister, the CBC reports.

Former Canadian radio personality Dean Blundell uploaded a clip onto his X account of the Saskatoon woman calling out Canada’s PM in an unidentified online group chat. 

“If I f**king could get off work, and go kill the motherf**ker, I f**king would,”  Dansereau said in the video call. 

Blundell also posted another clip of an online chat that was reportedly being recorded in secret. In this recording, a woman was warning others in the call to be careful about what they say after finding out that Dansereau was charged. The other participants in the call reacted in disbelief to the update. 

“Well, the charges are not going to be held, like common,” one person said. 

“Are you kidding? That’s a long-term federal crime,” another said.

Dansereau has been charged with one count of violating section 264.1 (1) (a), which entails conveying threats to cause death or bodily harm to another person, according to the CBC.

If she’s convicted, the 25-year-old could face a five-year prison sentence. 

Her court date is scheduled for Nov. 23. 



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