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Baddies in Brampton? A major reality TV series is coming to Canada and people have so many questions 

Baddies streams on the The Zeus Network and follows a group of women who go from city to city hosting and performing in sold out clubs all across the U.S. (Courtesy: The Zeus Network)


The Baddies are coming to B-town?

That’s right, Baddies, a show executive produced and created by socialite Natalie Nun, which streams on The Zeus Network, follows a group of women who go from city to city hosting and performing in sold out clubs all across the U.S., and it’s making its Canadian debut in Brampton.


In 2021, Baddies Atlanta premiered and kicked off what would later become a reality show phenomenon. 

This was then followed by Baddies South, Baddies West, Baddies East, and the most recent season debuting later this year, Baddies Caribbean

The TV series has since gained widespread popularity for being comical but also completely chaotic, as the women on the show tend to get into UFC-worthy brawls and back and forth arguments, all while navigating the spotlight and learning to live in a house together.

And if this is reminiscent of Bad Girls Club that first aired in 2006, that’s because it is, and Nun actually got her start in Hollywood thanks to the show.


And with the new season premiering later this year and the cast already announced in March, the Caribbean edition will see the girls travel to tropical places like Puerto Rico and Barbados.

But to the surprise of many Canadians, it looks like the baddies are coming to the north too, for the first time ever.


Dm on IG @Bookedbyilly for tickets/booths #toronto #baddies

♬ original sound – illy

Nun shared the news in a video that was uploaded to TikTok that said the show was coming to Canada on Apr. 26 and stopping by Jack Rollers, a club located in Brampton.

According to an event page on Eventbrite, tickets to the 19+ event are starting at $59.91.

And as expected people were taken by surprise by the announcement.  

“Jack Rollers as the venue is crazy. I won’t lie,” one user commented under the video.

“Someone tell her Brampton is not Toronto,” another person said.

“Can’t believe the baddies are coming right up the road from me,” someone else added.

Overall, many users questioned the location choice especially because the show tends to select clubs in major cities and the overall assumption is that they should have been eyeing Toronto as their prime shooting location.

However, it is a possibility that Brampton is a good idea in practice since Jack Rollers has a big parking space. And if you’ve seen one episode you’ll know that crowds can gather pretty quickly en masse. 



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