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Some Torontonians Give Ford the Side Eye After Saying He was Staying Out of the Race, Then Endorsing Mark Saunders

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We’re getting close to election day, and the premier has shared who he plans to vote for! 

On Tuesday, Premier Doug Ford revealed that he will be voting for mayoral candidate and former Toronto police chief Mark Saunders. 

“I’ve always said that I’m staying out of the race. [But] I have the right like anyone else to put a sign on my lawn, I’ve put Mark’s sign on my lawn,” Ford said, adding that he is proud to have Saunders’ election sign on his lawn at his Etobicoke home.

“Vote for whoever you want to vote for, that’s your choice. That’s not up to me or anyone else to tell you who to vote for. That’s just my opinion, [that] he’d be the best mayor.”

The news comes after Toronto residents spotted a Saunders campaign sign on Ford’s lawn, prompting a reporter to question Ford about it. 

However, Ford also said that he will work with front-runner Olivia Chow if she wins the by-election and find common ground. 

Chow has been leading in the polls, followed by Saunders. According to a Forum Research poll that surveyed 1,006 Toronto residents on June 16, 32 per cent of decided voters plan to vote for Chow, while 15 per cent support Saunders.

Saunders served as Toronto’s police chief from 2015 until 2020 when he resigned. Ford then appointed Saunders as a special advisor for the redevelopment of Ontario Place in 2021. Last year, Saunders unsuccessfully ran in the provincial election as the Progressive Conservative candidate for the riding of Don Valley West.  

Toronto Reacts to Ford’s Endorsement of Saunders

Following Ford’s remarks on Tuesday, people took to the internet to share their thoughts on the endorsement. 

“It really doesn’t matter what Ford says. A small % of Torontonians will vote. Saunders was not popular as Chief, so the decision to enter Mayor’s race is more about image than competency,” one Twitter user wrote.

On the other hand, some are saying Ford’s endorsement makes them more likely to vote for Olivia Chow instead.

“Boy, Olivia Chow is looking better and better… Jack would be so proud.”

While others felt that this was the right move for the premier. 

“Finally Doug Ford said something right for a change Mark Saunders will make a good mayor. he will make an excellent mayor. Mark Saunders is for the people finally we’re going to have mayor to keep our streets safe again [with] more policing ending the gun violence,” one person tweeted. 

Torontonians will head to the polls to elect the city’s next mayor on Monday, June 26.



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