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EXCLUSIVE: Author Releases Book Celebrating Black Girl Magic 365 Days a Year!

TORONTO –  Eboni Morgan, is the author of “A Year of Black Girl Magic”, a book of 365 quotes, reflections, and affirmations to inspire Black women to embrace their magic every day. 

“We’re talking about looking at yourself in the mirror, affirming you’re wonderful, you’re beautiful. Talking to yourself in that sort of loving voice that you probably have for so many people but we often neglect for ourselves,” Eboni said. 

She explained that affirming your strength and divinity as a Black woman is important because Black women are often siloed into stereotypes of who they are supposed to be.

“We are not a monolith, we are individual,” Eboni explained, adding embracing the magic that comes with being a Black woman pushes back against the eurocentric stereotypes of beauty that Black women and girls so often have to endure

She says that in creating her book, she hopes to create a safe space for Black women to reflect and embrace their own experiences, pain, and growth. 

“To read those words, to feel those words, and to know they are coming from someone who also has embraced that same pain, that hurt, that anger, that frustration, and turned it into that level of self-love so we can each learn to grow into who we are meant to be and inspire others just like us to do the same,” Eboni explains.

Eboni has run the blog “Eboni Curls” for years, but she says that having a tangible book with her name on it feels surreal. 

“It’s really pulling together the whole experience of it’s happening, you’re learning, you’re taking away from it, you’re writing it down, you’re keeping it, and now you’re sharing it,” she says, adding that publishing her book has been heartwarming. 

“Black Girl Magic means to embrace every part of who you are as a Black woman. It means embracing that your hair shrinks when you get out of the shower. It means embracing that your skin tone to so many others is so offensive but to you is deep and rich and beautiful, it means a lineage of strong Black women who have walked just so you could run today, it means sitting in that magic every single day and reminding yourself that simply as a Black woman you have that magic no matter where you are in your journey,” Eboni added.



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