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Alberta minister calls out huge jugs of vodka sold for nearly $50

(Courtesy: Super Value Liquor/Facebook)

Huge four litre vodka jugs being sold for over $49 in Alberta are sparking heated debate over if they’re unnecessary or a good deal. 

A user on X named Lauren Boothby (@laurby) posted a picture on Friday of vodka jugs sold at Super Value Liquor with a sign that says, “store special value vodka.” And she captioned the photo “Alberta rules.”

The post has since generated a lot of mixed reactions.

On Monday, Alberta Minister of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction Dale Nally, who is responsible for liquor, gaming and cannabis, responded to reporters expressing concerns about the pricing of the liquor.

A reporter from Global News asked Nally if he has a problem with the pricing and not with the form factor of the container.

He responded, “I would suggest I have a problem with all of it.” 

“I don’t think a 4L plastic jug of vodka adds to the quality of the distillery industry we have in this province. I don’t think it’s responsible pricing,” he said.

Nally, however, said the packaging complied with provincial rules and regulations. But he mentioned that if Bill 16, a motion he tabled on Monday which would update legislation across different ministries to eliminate unnecessary requirements, passes he would intervene. 

T-Rex Distillery, the company that produces the vodka jugs has since discontinued it on their website.

The Brandon Gonez Show contacted T-Rex Distillery but  did not respond back in time of publication. 



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