Meet the Toronto area mom who won our $15,000 home renovation giveaway!

OSHAWA – Just before Christmas The Brandon Gonez Show teamed up with Toronto design company RED Design +Build to giveaway a $15,000 home renovation package! This week we headed out to the east end to check out how the project is coming along! 

Alishya Jeremiah is the winner of the reno package. Jeremiah is a mother and a new homeowner who has some BIG dreams for her new home, and the Brampton native took us for a tour!

“My basement just wasn’t working for me, working from home. So I checked the page,” Jeremiah explained, saying that RED Design +Build’s work was impeccable, so she applied. 

Alishya was laid off for the first few months of the pandemic and said that it was tough, because she was reliant on that income as a new homeowner. Alishya, her husband, and her two children had to live with her husband’s mother.

“You’ve gotta keep going,” she said, explaining that she saved her E.I. until she was able to return to her job, become a permanent employee, and purchased her home. But in every starter home, there are things you want to change. 

“It’s not functional the way I want it to be,” she explained, saying that she needs to convert the basement into a home office so she can move her workspace into the basement. 

For the other half of the basement, they had plans to turn a section of the basement to use as a mancave, and Derrick had her covered.

Derrick laid out the plan, showing the different spaces that they will create for the basement, combing both the office and the mancave. 

“We’re going to work with you to create a design plan, pick your brain, get everything out of there, make sure we put it on paper, you’ll see it in a 3D rendering,” Derrick explained, saying that Alyisha, her husband and children will get to sign off on the plan to make sure they all love the concept before RED Design +Build gets to work. 

“But we all know I get the final say,” Alishya joked.

“Having this home was a huge dream for me,” She explained, saying that her father had passed away due to cancer just before she met her husband. Her father left her money, making her promise that she would use the funds to buy a home. 

“My focus was always that I need to make my dad’s dreams come to life. So this home is much more than a first-time home for me. There is so much sentimental value behind it. I’m so glad to have this opportunity, and I know that my dad is looking over and he’s happy and that makes me happy,” Alishya said, beaming.

RED Design +Build will be able to create both spaces, with glass sliding doors to separate the areas, completely transforming the space. We’ll be back to check it out once it’s all done. Make sure to stay tuned!



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