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Metrolinx Fare Inspectors Reportedly Cracking Down on Fare Evasion with New Quota 

Metrolinx allegedly wants their fare inspectors to fine 6,000 train riders a month for fare evasion, according to a new report from CBC News. (Courtesy: CITYNEWS / Nick Westoll)

Metrolinx allegedly wants their fare inspectors to fine 6,000 train riders a month for fare evasion, according to a new report from CBC News. 

An unauthorized employee told CBC News the transit agency introduced a monthly target for fines two months ago.. 

In September, fare inspectors’ target for fare evasion fines was reportedly 5,000 tickets and 100,000 inspections according to CBC News. In October the target was 6,000 tickets for fare evasions fines and 120,000 inspections. 

According to the graph below, inspectors  surpassed their target in September issuing 5,121 tickets and 6,187 in October.

(Courtesy: CBC and source: Metrolinx)

“I feel like it’s weird that you have a specific number quota that you’re looking for. I understand you’re looking for the fare evaders and everything but to have a quota for that, that doesn’t make a lot of sense,” Eduardo Redoschi, a GO Train passenger, told the Brandon Gonez Show on Tuesday.

Although the new policy may spark a heated debate, others seem to be on board with the quota for people potentially violating fare regulations.

“Recently, I’ve seen a lot more, probably every time I ride the train there’s always a fare inspector. There was one today. I think it’s a good thing,” GO Train passenger Alisa Brljk said. 

The Brandon Gonez Show contacted Metrolinx and they said, “Fare inspections are designed to be applied in a fair and uniform way for all riders. When fare inspection occurs, the goal is that all customers on a GO train or bus are inspected. The first-time fee for non-compliance is $35 and escalates with repeat offences. Our goal is to deter fare evasion, change customer behaviour and protect the integrity of the fare system,” Metrolinx said in a statement. 

We asked what if passengers are concerned about being potentially profiled and they responded, “All Metrolinx employees receive anti-racism and anti-bias training. In addition, Customer Protection Officers and Revenue Protection Offices receive de-escalation training, mental health training and training for dealing with vulnerable people.”

“We expect customers to pay their fares, and we recognize that most do – but we need a structured approach to manage fare policy and enforcement. This protects the interests of fare-paying customers and ensures Metrolinx can continue to provide a consistent level of service,” Metrolinx said.

The agency says if anyone received a Notice of Violation who would like to dispute it they can do so by visiting here



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