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‘People might think this is very weird,’ A Toronto nail salon is offering 20% off pedicures to sell your feet pictures online 

(Courtesy: Fix NailBar)

A nail salon is offering a discount in exchange for selling their customer’s feet pictures, and it’s causing mixed reactions. 

Salon owner of Fix Nail Bar in Toronto says a funny joke to sell feet pictures became a reality at her shop.

“Basically, if customers want us to post pictures of their feet they get 20 per cent off their pedicure service,” Neketa Andrews told The Brandon Gonez Show. 

The salon recently began promoting its “Foot Your Bill” campaign on the company’s Instagram for people that want to save money on their pedicures. 

Andrews said the idea sparked from an inside joke at the salon but because a lot of people seemed interested in selling their feet pictures online, so they decided to explore more. 

“It was a trend last year, a lot of people were talking about it. So, we’re like, we should jump on it,” she said. 

The website that the salon is posting people’s feet pictures to is called FeetFinder, which is catered to users with a foot fetish. Andrews added that their customer’s identity will also remain anonymous. 

Andrews said the starting price for the pictures are $20,and depending on how well they sell, they’ll decide whether to continue this promo or not this summer. 

“I know people might think this is very weird, but to be honest, everybody is so serious right now, it’s just fun,” she said.

“But also trying to work hard to save money, and for us in the shop to make money,” she added.

Some people are reacting to the unconventional initiative. 

“Love this,” one user said.

“So lemme get this straight, you guys get to keep making money off of someone else, and all they get in return is 20% off??? This is a little exploitative don’t we think???” another user said.

Andrews said the salon has not made a profit on selling their customers’ feet pictures yet. 



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