Someone in the Crowd Set Off Fireworks During Dua Lipa’s Toronto Show

TORONTO – A Dua Lipa concert was dangerously interrupted on July 27th when someone in the crowd set off fireworks. 

Officials have confirmed that three people sustained minor burns from the fireworks and were treated by medics that were already on site. Police say that ambulances were not called to the scene. 

Online people have a lot to say about the incident and a lot of questions as to how this happened.

Some people claim they had no idea what was happening, while others say it sounded like gunfire.

“This was legit sooo terrifying. It sounded like gunshots at first,” said one Twitter user. 

Meanwhile, in true Toronto fashion, a lot of people are annoyed. 

“Also a massive f**k you to whoever snuck fireworks at Dua Lipa’s concert in Toronto tonight. Some of y’all clearly don’t know how to behave at concerts and somebody could of gotten hurt,” said one Twitter user. 

“Everybody slacking in their job these days,” said someone on Instagram. 

While other people are questioning why the fireworks were not picked up by security.

“Security didn’t do their job properly,” said another. 

“That’s a lot of fireworks to have not been caught by security…” someone added.

“Love how my water bottle was confiscated but someone got fireworks in!” said one person on Twitter.

“I was definitely surprised when I saw fireworks at the Dua Lipa concert last night… It was strange security was not checking bags and hopefully, that is looked into. Something worse could have easily happened,” another person tweeted. 

Toronto police are currently investigating the incident and are searching for a suspect. 



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