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‘Tip-flation,’ Is it getting out of hand?

Tipping culture is a common practice, especially at restaurants. Courtesy: ABC7

Tipping culture is a common practice, especially at restaurants. After hopefully enjoying a good meal at a restaurant and you’re ready to pay, generally the machine would prompt tipping options beginning at 15 – 20 per cent.

However, people are now seeing not just at restaurants, but other business establishments tipping options as high as 30 per cent!

So, why are the tipping options so high now? According to an article by NPR, the pandemic is one of the reasons for amplifying the issue. 

“During the pandemic, we started tipping people we didn’t use to tip and we started tipping more than usual as a way to support essential workers at a time of crisis,”  Shubhranshu Singh, a professor at Johns Hopkins Business School, said in a statement to NPR. 

Several places are seen prompting people to tip, such as nail salons, rideshare apps, cafes, and fast food chains. Some of the common food spots you may have come across are Starbucks, Panera, Five Guys, Subway and Domino’s. 

According to an Angus Reid survey, it found 83 per cent of people find too many places are asking for tips and 78 per cent of people find tipping no longer is about showing appreciation for a job well done. 

Courtesy: Angus Reid Institute

So, has tipping finally hit a tipping point? 



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