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Four of the Worst Roads in Ontario are Right Here in Toronto

The votes are in, and the CAA Worst Road for 2023 is Barton Street East in Hamilton. Courtesy: CNW Group/CAA South Central Ontario

The people have spoken! According to CAA’s Top Ten Worst Roads list for 2023, Eglinton Avenue is not the worst road in Ontario. However, it is the worst road in Toronto. 

Eglinton Avenue West has been voted the second worst road in the province. Finch Avenue West takes the fifth spot, while Steeles Avenue comes in seventh, and Lakeshore Boulevard East is ninth.

According to CAA, Hamilton’s Barton Street East is the worst road in Ontario due to its ongoing problems with potholes and severe alligator cracking. 

Barton Street East first made the top 10 in 2019,  climbing to the top spot in 2022, where it continues to hold the crown. 

“The 2023 CAA Worst Roads campaign provides a valuable snapshot of the roads that the public perceives as pain points,” Teresa Di Felice, assistant vice president for CAA South Central Ontario, said in a statement.

“For 20 years, this campaign has served as a powerful advocacy tool, initiating dialogues with decision-makers and driving positive change for safer roads across Ontario.”

Ontario’s  Top 10 Worst Roads for 2023

  1. Barton Street East, Hamilton 
  2. Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto 
  3. County Road 49, Prince Edward County 
  4. Carling Avenue, Ottawa 
  5. Finch Avenue West, Toronto 
  6. Laclie Street, Orillia 
  7. Steeles Avenue East, Toronto 
  8. Aberdeen Avenue, Hamilton 
  9. Lakeshore Boulevard East, Toronto 
  10. Hurontario Street, Mississauga 

Orilla’s Laclie Street, Toronto’s Steeles Avenue East, Hamilton’s Aberdeen Avenue, and Mississauga’s Hurontario Street all joined the top ten for the first time this year. 

“Many of the roads nominated have undergone or are undergoing significant improvements. The success stories of the campaign are primarily attributed to the government’s prioritization of infrastructure through multi-year capital investments,” reads the release from CAA.

“These investments demonstrate the impact of proactive measures on enhancing road conditions and addressing public concerns.”



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