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5 flavoursome pizza shops you should check out in Toronto

(Courtesy: Prince Street Pizza – UNO Pizza)

Pizza lovers, this one is for you!

With the weather steadily getting colder it’s the perfect time to grab a hot slice of pizza. That’s why we’ve rounded up a handful of delicious spots to check out and enjoy in Toronto.

1. One Night Only Pizza


Husband and wife duo Luke and Brianna Skye are the masterminds behind this beloved restaurant. What started out as pizza between friends on Friday nights would quickly turn into a sensation enjoyed by a tight-knit community.

“Once the pandemic hit, we could no longer host One Night Only Pizza. We decided to buy some boxes so friends could come and pick them up off our back porch. Soon friends + neighbours told more friends + more neighbours – until we were getting 1000s of messages on Instagram from people asking if they could get a pie too. We couldn’t be more humbled and excited that our pizza could make so many people happy,” the restaurant shared on their website

Location: 581 Pape Avenue Toronto, Ontario

2. Prince Street Pizza


The iconic Prince Street Pizza from NYC recently opened its first-ever location in Canada on Oct. 26 in downtown Toronto and has been making noise ever since.

“Prince Street Pizza is the culmination of generations’ old recipes, dedication, and family values. In 2012, great Sicilian style pizza began taking over in New York City’s famed NoLita neighbourhood and the rest of the city. Delicious dough and succulent sauces are the star of the show, and ready to take over North of the border – starting with Toronto,” its website reads.

Locations: The Well 472 Front Street Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario

3. PiCO Pizza


If you want authentic tasting pizza without the commitment or cost of having to sit down at a restaurant then PiCo is for you.

“Pizza places in our city were the same old, same old- either quick & dirty pizza chains or fine-dining hot spots. But who said there couldn’t be something in between? In 2016, we created just that.

A place where authentic, custom-crafted Neapolitan pizza could be fired up in 90 seconds, and enjoyed without a reservation, white tablecloth or 20% gratuity. Amen to that.

A place where ‘quick & easy’ could actually mean fresh, healthy and high-quality,” the chain’s website reads.

PiCo has multiple locations across Toronto.

4. King Slice


For more than three decades, King Slice, a local and family-owned business has been serving residents with quality pizza at its two Toronto locations. 

“King Slice, our Bloor location, actually started in the early 90’s, so it’s about the same age as me, 33. My father, he actually came here in the 70’s from Vietnam, escaping the war. So, when he got here, he worked for a restaurant called Massimo’s. That’s one of the places that he started off at,” Cathie Vo, King Slice owner, told Now Toronto.

Locations: 1598 Bloor St. W. and 1130 Queen St. W.

5. General Assembly Pizza


General Assembly Pizza opened in 2017 and since then has been on a crusade to bring delicious pizza to foodies alike.

“Our pies are all made from 100% naturally leavened dough and are topped with thoughtfully sourced premium all-natural ingredients. Our menu is described in two words. Tradition reinvented. We don’t always play it safe, but it’s safe to say that we have a pie for every taste,” its website reads.

Location: 333 Adelaide St W Toronto, Ontario



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