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A WestJet passenger gets kicked off flight for excessively using the washroom because of an upset stomach 

A WestJet passenger with an upset stomach says she got  kicked off a flight. (Courtesy: WestJet/Instagram) 

A WestJet passenger took to social media to express her frustration after getting kicked off the aircraft for allegedly using the bathroom too much. 

In a series of posts on X, Joanna Chiu said she was kicked off her flight that was supposed to depart from Mexico, but could not fly because of an upset stomach.

She also said that because she was rushing out of the plane she left her money with travel companions and WestJet refused to pay for her commute accommodation to a hotel. 

In the thread, Chiu said that a WestJet supervisor called a guard to intimidate her.

However, she said the guard sympathized with her after she bursted into tears. 

Chiu also said when she tried to film the exchange between her and an airline supervisor she was threatened that if she did not delete the video she would not be able to board a flight the next day. 

After requesting for another employee to assist her, Chiu shared the difficulty she continued to experience with the airline staff.

“She was much nicer but refused to give me a booking reference for my rebooked flight,” she said.

“She told me to just come back to the airport tomorrow and ask at the counter,” she added.

The Brandon Gonez Show contacted WestJet to ask what their policies are when someone excessively uses the washroom.

“Ensuring the wellbeing and safety of our guests and crew is our number one priority and therefore we take any health-related concerns very seriously,” WestJet Spokesperson Madison Kruger said. 

She also apologized for the passenger’s recent experience and acknowledged unexpected illness can occur while traveling. 

“In circumstances where a guest is deemed unfit to travel due to illness, our crew must make difficult decisions in the name of safety,” Kruger said.

Chiu expressed her disappointment to the airline that if she did not share her experience she would have not received any help.

“WestJet DM’d me my booking reference number after I had asked for it repeatedly at the airport,” she said. 

Kruger also said WestJet is reviewing its procedures to ensure any guests in a similar situation in the future receive the appropriate support and guidance. 



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