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Alaska Airlines apologizes after the plane’s door fell off and created chaos on board

The airline has since apologized to those affected, including 177 passengers and crew, who all landed safely with no reported injuries. (Courtesy: NBC News – People)

Alaska Airlines is apologizing after one of its aircrafts lost its door mid-flight and mid-air on Friday.

In fact, the plane made an emergency landing in the U.S. state of Oregon, but not before the chaos was all caught on camera.

The airline has since apologized to those affected, including 177 passengers and crew, who all landed safely.

“Several guests onboard experienced injuries that required medical attention. All guests have now been medically cleared,” the airline said in a press release issued Friday.

Spirit AeroSystems, one of the plane maker’s biggest suppliers who reportedly built the door panel, had this to say too:

“We are grateful the Alaska Airlines crew performed the appropriate procedures to land the airplane with all passengers and crew safe. At Spirit AeroSystems, our primary focus is the quality and product integrity of the aircraft structures we deliver.” 

Passengers spoke to members of the media and shared that they heard a “loud bang” towards the left rear of the plane and a “woosh noise” just before all the air masks dropped.

According to BBC News, one passenger said that a kid close to the exposed row had his shirt sucked right off him and tossed out the plane.

“His mother was holding onto him to make sure he didn’t go with it,” a passenger told the news outlet.

Since then, people have been finding random items from the plane, including an iPhone and the actual door that came off.

One X user shared that he found a phone on the side of the road.

“Still in airplane mode with half a battery and open to a baggage claim for #AlaskaAirlines ASA1282. Survived a 16,000 foot drop perfectly intact!” the post read.

Apparently it was the second phone found so far.

And if you’re wondering where the door ended up, a teacher in Portland, Oregon will tell you in his backyard, according to NBC News.

Another X user even joined the chat to share that he was supposed to be seated near where the door had opened but missed his flight. He shared screenshots of his missed flight as well.

“THIS WAS MY FLIGHT YESTERDAY…..I NEVER miss flights. But yesterday I did. One of the emergency exits got BLOWN OFF MID FLIGHT. And the two seats next to the exit got sucked off the plane. ONE OF THOSE SEATS WERE MINE. Missing my flight yesterday saved my life. Praise God,” he said.

The circumstances surrounding what happened to the plane are currently being investigated.



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