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An Ottawa man was arrested because of mistaken identity and is still waiting for police to apologize  

(Courtesy: Ottawa Police Service/Instagram)

A man from Burundi says he’s looking for an apology from Ottawa police after he was mistaken for a wanted suspect. 

A 27-year-old man named Kane Niyondagara was arrested on Feb.16 and he says he was not asked for his identification. 

He told CTV News he was leaving a Starbucks when he turned around and saw police pointing weapons at him. As a result, he ran away out of fear until he was tackled to the ground. 

“He punched me on the right side of the eye here and he also hit me on my body,” he told the news outlet. 

Ottawa Police told CBC News that it received a call about a wanted man that fit the description of a person that was wanted and seen in the area. 

The wanted suspect is believed to be Gibriil Bakal, who is wanted for first-degree murder in connection with a fatal shooting on Jan. 29, according to CBC News. 

The Brandon Gonez Show has contacted the Ottawa Police Service for a comment and was told that the chief of police will hold a news conference on Mar. 25 to speak on the matter. 

Niyondagara said he is looking for an apology from the officer that assaulted him, but Ottawa police have not responded to him yet.



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