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Chicago man files lawsuit against 27 women for defamatory comments on Facebook group called,‘Are We Dating the Same Guy?’

(Courtesy: U.S. District Court of Illinois Northern District)

A Chicago man is suing a Facebook group called “Are We Dating the Same Guy?” for defamatory comments about him.  

According to the Business Insider, a man filed a lawsuit against 27 women, one man, Meta and multiple social media platforms over comments about dating him on the group which warns women about the “red flags” of men in their city. 

The complaint’s name is Nikko D’Ambrosio and in court documents it says in part, “This is an action for declaratory and injunctive relief and for damages against Defendants for false and defamatory statements made and published by Defendants concerning Plaintiff under the Illinois Slander and Libel Act.” 

The documents list 54 accused parties. D’Ambrosio is seeking damages over $75,000 and injunctive relief to prevent the defendants from continuing to publish statements about him. 

The Facebook group is private and over 88,000 members have joined upon request. The group’s page claims it’s a place for women to protect, support, and empower other women. 

“A place where women can speak freely, openly, and honestly without the fear of harassment of intimidation,” the page states. 

It also claims to have over 150 other groups with a total of roughly three million members in cities across North America. 

The group’s policy includes not sharing screenshots or anything from the group and instructing others to be respectful in the group as well. 

The lengthy court documents include screenshots of reviews about him shared in the group and his picture. 

Several women have accused him for being a “psycho,” “very clingy,” and ghosting someone. 

D’Ambrosio alleges in the complaint that the post has caused him humiliation, emotional distress, and reputational damage that resulted in lost earnings. 



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