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Extra seasoning is being added to Toronto’s hottest airwaves with Alicia ‘Ace’ West and Marlon Palmer on Flow 98.7

Toronto’s getting extra seasoning to its airwaves by bringing in co-hosts of the Extra Gravy podcast to begin their new radio show by spicing up the city’s morning commutes. 

Co-hosts of popular podcast Extra Gravy, Alicia ‘Ace’ West and Marlon Palmer stopped by The Brandon Gonez Show to talk about their new radio show. 

Flow 98.7 has announced the pair as the new weekday morning hosts. West and Palmer discussed how they’re bringing extra seasoning to Toronto’s airwaves from their dream guests, what’s happening to their podcast and the future of Flow. 

Brandon asked the hosts if the Extra Gravy podcast will continue.

“We’re not going to be stopping. That podcast has been going on for seven years now,” Palmer responded, “Alicia has been a part of it for the last four years,” he said.

“Man, it’s just been growing, it’s been rising, our community is amazing,” he continued. 

“We’re doing monthly live shows now, so it’s even more opportunity for people to be involved with the show and surprise guests we might, you know, might have Brandon Gonez on one day,” Palmer continued. 

Brandon asked to clear up the confusion on Flow’s tagline, “Where Black Music Lives.”

“It says, ‘Where Black music lives,’ what’s the explanation needed?” Palmer responded. 

“When you break it down, this Black music thing really came about during the pandemic when you know Black Lives Matter stuff happened and that’s when the Black music tagline really came about,” West responded. 

“It’s a variety of music that Black people created. We created hip-hop, we created soca, etc. We really created all these other things, but when it comes to you know what most Black people listen to right now that’s what the tagline is,” she added.

Brandon asked the two who their dream guests are. 

“I think Rihanna would be amazing,” Palmer responded, “for personal reasons,” he added.

“I think she gives really great interviews like we saw that moment with T-Rex, that was an incredible moment, she’s Caribbean. I think she embodies what Flow is about,” he said. 

“I would really love if Drake could come and do an interview. Drake has not been on the radio station and has not publicly supported the radio station in a very, very, very long time so I would love if we could get a Drake interview,” West responded. 

“I think that would be great for the city,” she added. 

West continued by saying he has shouted out other stations in the past, but Toronto could use some of that love too.

Watch the full YouTube interview with Brandon Gonez and Flow 98.7’s new morning hosts to learn more about what the show has to offer. 




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