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Here are the Candidates with the Highest Following Heading into this Year’s Election!

TORONTO – The Toronto municipal election is going down on October 24th, 2022. There are 31 official candidates for you to choose from this year, here’s a rundown of the top six candidates with the highest following.

Photo Courtesy: John Tory, Twitter

Toronto Mayoral Candidate: Incumbent John Tory

John Tory is hoping to keep his seat as mayor as he runs to be re-elected this election. Tory’s campaign says he’ll continue to champion the $28-Billion Transit Plan; he’s committed to the Vision Zero Road Safety Plan; and he’ll increase the housing supply as a way of alleviating rental costs in 

Photo Courtesy: Gil Peñalosa, Twitter

Toronto Mayoral Candidate: Gil Peñalosa 

Gil Peñalosa is a prominent urbanist who has lived in the city for 23 years and is focusing on urban planning and infrastructure for his campaign. Peñalosa’s promises include making the city more walkable and introducing a new transit plan that includes fast bus lanes. Peñalosa has also pledged to increase the city’s tree canopy and parkland.

Photo Courtesy: Stephen Punwasi

Photo Toronto Mayoral Candidate: Stephen Punwasi

Stephen Punwasi is a born and raised Torontonian with his campaign focusing on infrastructure and urban planning. Punwasi wants to invest in the infrastructure necessary to create small, self-contained neighbourhoods. Punwasi also identified the cost of living as the most important issue facing Toronto residents.

Photo Courtesy: Chloe Brown, Twitter

Toronto Mayoral Candidate: Chloe Brown

Chloe Brown was born and raised in Toronto, specifically growing up in Etobicoke and now living in Parkdale. Her campaign commits to creating policies that see housing as a human right; to provide affordable childcare options; and to establish new approaches to Toronto’s Public Health system.  

Toronto Mayoral Candidate: D!onne Renée

Photo Courtesy: D!onne Renée , Twitter

D!onne Renée is a feminist, Black rights and disability activist. Renée has called for a fare-free TTC which she says will help cut down on environmental waste. She has also called for more accessibility for people with disabilities and solutions for affordable housing.

Photo Courtesy: Reginald J. Tull, Twitter

Toronto Mayoral Candidate: Reginald J. Tull

Reginald J. Tull is an entrepreneur and author running for mayor. Reginald is aiming to make youth programs and sports accessible to all children across the city. He says that he’s committed to providing ferry service from the downtown port to Burlington to relieve traffic on the Gardiner and to repair the city’s potholes. 

The Brandon Gonez Show and News You Can Use teams will continue to follow this election as we get closer to heading to the polls. Do you know who you’re voting for? Let us know in the comments!



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