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Is it a red flag if your partner doesn’t post about you online? 

(Courtesy: Shotkit)

The internet is divided on when is the best time to show off your significant other online. 

Some people believe the right time to show off your Bae is once they’ve put a ring on your finger. 

Meanwhile, others believe if you’re in a committed relationship with someone you should be proud to post your partner on social media without shame. 

According to Brides, “Your lack of relationship content could mean that you’re ashamed of, or do not value, your union,”  relationship expert Jonathan Bennett said. 

“Or, it could mean that privacy and intimacy are important to you and you don’t feel the need to share your personal relationship with the world,” he added. 

Furthermore, Mental Health Counselor Wale Okerayi said to Brides, “Posting about the good and the bad in your [union] not only gives people access to make assumptions and suggestions about your relationship, but it also gives people the freedom to say anything and ask anything about [you and your partner.]”

“Keeping some things private will benefit your relationship in the long run,” she continued. 

Many people have reacted online like this user who said, “My partner and I have been together 4 years and he’s still not on my page and vice versa. Privacy is everything to me!”

Another user commented, “If you’re acting like you’re single on social media but you’re not is the problem from a male’s pov.”



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