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Is Toronto’s Dating Scene Toxic? Too Hot to Handle’s Obi Nnadi Spills the Tea!

TORONTO – 22-year-old Obi Nnadi is a fitness coach, new Toronto man, and star of season three of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle. Born in Nigeria, Nnadi moved to Winnipeg with his family while he was still in elementary school, before moving to Toronto to attend university. Obi joined Brandon for a one-on-one about Toronto’s dating scene, Too Hot To Handle, and what he’s learned about himself since being on the show. 

Despite Too Hot To Handle being a dating show, Nnadi says that he didn’t go on the show looking for love. In fact, he didn’t even know that he was going to be on the show in the first place.

“They were like ‘Oh it’s a show called Parties in Paradise’ so that’s what I initially thought I was going on. He was like oh you’re going to be on a boat having fun with a bunch of single, sexy people,” he explained. But after two weeks of quarantine, Obi found out that he was actually going to be on Too Hot To Handle. 

Photo: Netflix

Obi revealed that there was a lot of sexual tension and emotion on the show, but there’s a catch. Contestants are not allowed to have sex with each other or even kiss, or the final prize money decreases. 

Even though he says that he didn’t agree to go on the show looking for love, he did have a love interest while he was on the show, Bri. 

“I noticed that I could see myself and I was like ‘bro you really liked this girl!’” he explained, describing what it felt like to watch the show back. He also added that he noticed that many scenes between Bri and himself had been cut from the final episodes, with many people online speculating it is because they are Black. 

Photo: Netflix

“I choose not to listen to that narrative because I feel like Netflix is a little bit better than that. They would never go out of their way to [not include] us, they invited us there,” Nnadi explained, saying that he feels it’s because they didn’t have a lot of drama. 

Obi says that he and Bri still speak all of the time, but added that he is active in the Toronto dating scene and has a few…. entanglements. 

“I don’t call anyone my girlfriend, so I guess in that sense I am single,” Obi explained. 

“I don’t really don’t even know where I’m going to be in six months. I have plans to move out to L.A., I have plans. There are a lot of different things but me settling down right now is not in the works, it just doesn’t benefit me in any way whatsoever,” he explained.

Photo: Obi Nnadi on Twitter

However, Nnadi confided in Brandon that he also has his own insecurities, and despite being good-looking with lots of clout, he sometimes struggles to love himself. 

“I feel like you can’t really love somebody until you learn to love yourself, and I’m going through that right now,” Nnadi added.

But even if he was looking to date, he says that Toronto is not the one! In fact, Mr. Nnadi says that there is NO dating scene in our city!

“You’ll be like ‘that’s your girl?’ and they’re like “No no she’s for the streets’ and what does that mean?!” he explains, adding that when he goes to visit his boys in Winnipeg, they’re all locked down in relationships and considering marriage.

Brandon and Obi discussed everything from Obi’s experience moving from Nigeria to  Winnipeg, to where he plans to move next and some of his hopes for the future on this episode of The Brandon Gonez Show. 



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