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Maple Leafs Fans Help Sing the American National Anthem After Mic Fail

Hockey fans help sing the American national anthem following microphone malfunctions, Photo: NHL

Canadians proved their reputation for being the most polite people on Monday when American singer Natalie Morris needed a lifeline at the Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Buffalo Sabres game. 

Morris stepped out onto the ice ready to sing the Star-Spangled banner when her microphone cut out. The singer was only able to get through the first line before experiencing microphone malfunctions. Morris was given a second microphone but that one didn’t work either. 

Hockey fans instantly noticed there was a problem and instead of making it an awkward moment, fans jumped in and started singing the rest of the anthem. 

Fans did a pretty good job based on the social media reactions catching the attention from both sides of the border. 

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The audio problem was fixed by the time Morris was set to sing the Canadian national anthem, and from there she sang it effortlessly. 

The Maple Leafs went on to have  a 2-1 lead before the Sabres made a comeback in the final frame leading to a 4-3 win for the Sabres. 

The Maple Leafs face the Colorado Avalanche next at Scotiabank Arena tomorrow at 7pm.



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