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Mariah the Scientist gets real about her relationship with Young Thug, her latest album, and her favourite things about Toronto

She spills her heart out on her tracks, getting into her feels and bringing the rest of us along for the ride. 

Born Mariah Buckles, American singer and songwriter Mariah the Scientist knows how to get the girlies (and let’s be real, the guys too) in their feels. The artist dropped her latest album, To Be Eaten Alive, on Oct. 27, and we’ve been hooked ever since.

One song in particular, “Ride,” features her boyfriend, fellow artist Young Thug. She explained that she used to get nervous working with him.

“I’m really used to being in the studio by myself, and if you like somebody and they also do what you do, you don’t know what they’re thinking, what their process is, how different their process is,” the R&B artist explained. “I was anxious about it.”

“Working with him generally speaking though, he’s really versatile and he’s really diverse with all of the kinds of music he can make.”

“He had this particular set of songs that he was working on and I got on a couple of them, and we wound up using ‘Ride’ on my project.”

Mariah explained that she loves his presence, which she describes as stoic. She says their relationship is a true balance between masculine and feminine. 

“He’s like a man’s man, you know?”

In addition to her partner, Mariah has worked with a variety of talented artists. With musical inspirations, including Diana Ross, Monica and Faith Evans, the R&B star shared that she would love to collaborate with some other women in the music industry. 

“I like all the girls! I like Kali Uchis, I like Summer Walker, I like SZA,” she shared. 

“I like Victoria Monét, I like Chloe Bailey, I like Halle Bailey. I like all of the girls, I like Tink. Literally, I could go on and on with this list, but it’s been really hard to make it happen.” 

Mariah loves Toronto

As we get closer to the holidays, we’re reflecting on holidays past, including last year, when Mariah blessed us with her song “Christmas in Toronto.”

With a song like that you know we had to get her take on our city. 

“I always say that I feel like it’s the Atlanta of Canada,” the Atlanta native shared. 

“I feel like a lot of countries I go to, it doesn’t seem like there are that many Black people. I feel like when I come to Canada, specifically Toronto, I feel like that’s where a lot of the Black people are, so that makes me feel at home,” she smiled, adding that similar to her hometown, it’s also somewhere where a lot of music is made. 

She also shared one big difference between the two cities.

“Toronto is more like a melting pot of people coming from other places,” she explained.

“In America, there are like African Americans, and that’s it. That’s just it, you’re Black, you don’t know anything else besides that.”

“But if you go to another country… Someone has some sort of island background, there are multiple other places you can be from.”

Is Mariah a scientist?

A fun fact about the R&B artist, her stage name comes from her background studying biology.

“I went to school for biology, I had a scholarship for biology. So, I kept it, and when I dropped out I just ran with the name,” she shared. 

While she doesn’t have any regrets about pivoting on her career path, the artist shared that she would return to school.

“I’m a big fan of science. I think if I were to go back I would still study biology and I probably would also study engineering.”

Mariah shared her most dangerous traits as a Scorpio, even more insight into her relationship with Young Thug, and something that most people don’t know about her on this episode of The Brandon Gonez Show. 



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