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Media mogul Brandon Gonez to make a cameo on CBC’s hit show ‘Murdoch Mystery’ tonight!

The mystery is finally out, Chief Executive Officer of Gonez Media Brandon Gonez is guest starring in Season 17 of the popular drama series Murdoch Mysteries.

The show is one of Canada’s longest and successful running one-hour drama series. It’s set in Toronto’s 20th century and stars Detective William Murdoch who solves the city’s most gruesome murders with forensic techniques. 

On April 1, Brandon Gonez will make his acting debut on an episode titled  “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.Brandon’s character is a journalist and in one of the scenes he plays a key role as a witness to a crime. 

He fit right in with the crew on set by rocking a fit from the early 1900s, dressed in a dashing all-brown suit, paired with a matching wide brim fedora hat. 

Actress Shanice Banton, who plays Violet Hart, praises Brandon on his acting debut and told The Brandon Gonez Show, “He did so well! I was looking at him like, ‘are you sure this isn’t what you wanna do?’”

“It was really great to have him in, I’m such a fan of him actually, everything that he’s doing with the media and the news is fun and fresh,” she continued. 

“It was such a surprise, he did an incredible job,” Banton added. 

Yannick Bisson, who plays Detective William Murdoch and is the Executive Producer of the show, shared a special message for people who have not watched the series yet.

“I guarantee you the minute you start, you are a goner, you’re going to be watching 300 hours of Murdoch Mysteries – you heard it from me.” 

The episode airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. EST on CBC and CBC Gem. 



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