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A Toronto mindset has people thinking they’re a ‘celebrity’ 

(Courtesy: Prepare For Canada)

Torontonians are reacting after a TikTok user posted a video saying “everyone in Toronto is a celebrity.” 

In the video she pokes fun at people who are from Toronto and adopted the mindset that they’re a celebrity and even get to enjoy the perks of it too. 

“Everyone’s going to Drake’s house,” she said.

“So, there’s no one gonna be in the audience, we’re all gonna be backstage babe taking shots together,” she added. 

She also captioned the video, “My world you’re just in it.”

The video has garnered nearly 25,000 views since publication.  People have since been sharing their thoughts on the humorous video. 

“The only city everyone feels like they’re someone,” a user commented. 

“In my mind I’m famous sorry,” another user said. 

However, some people think Torontonians who have that mindset are delusional. 

“Everyone is delulu,” a user said. 



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