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SAG-AFTRA and Hollywood Studios Seal a Deal Ending the 118-day Actor’s Strike. 

Great news for Hollywood today! The 118-day actor’s strike finally comes to an end. (Courtesy: SAG-AFTRA Instagram)

Great news for Hollywood today! The 118-day actor’s strike finally comes to an end. That means some of your favourite upcoming movies like Deadpool 3, Gladiator 2 and Wicked can expect to resume back into production soon.

“In a contract valued at over one billion dollars in a new wages and benefit plan funding, we have achieved a deal of extraordinary scope that includes “above-pattern” minimum compensation increases, unprecedented provisions for consent and compensation that will protect members from the threat of AI, and for the first time establishes a streaming participation bonus,” a statement posted by SAF-AFTRA on their website

SAG-AFTRA, the union representing the Hollywood actors, has been on strike since July 14th. Already big name Hollywood stars have taken to social media to react to the news.

“Perseverance pays off!,” Jamie Lee Curtis posted her on Instagram grid.

“Let’s get back to work, friends!” Mandy Moore posted on her Instagram story.

“Effective immediately, all SAG-AFTRA members should fulfill their contractual obligations and return to work. Members and influencers may resume services relating to publicity and the promotion of motion pictures produced under the CBA and Television Agreement, without consequence or conflict with the union,” statement by SAG-AFTRA.

According to actor and SAG-AFTRA’s national board of directors member, Shaan Sharma, told CNN that on Friday they’ll have a national board discussion which they will go over all the details of the deal before they release further information to the public.


Good news for actors and movie lovers because major Hollywood studios and SAG-AFTRA have come to an agreement after a 118-day strike. #sagaftra #actorsstrike #sagaftrastrike #sagstrike #film #hollywoodstrikes #hollywoodactors #movies

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