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‘A Country Club for Rich People’: Torontonians Share How Frustrating the Cost of Living is

Toronto is a country club for the rich, says one TikToker

TORONTO — As our city continues to get more expensive, some people are starting to consider whether life in Toronto is worth the huge price tag. On TikTok, user @kitanamilan says Toronto is only for rich people and if you’re not rich, it’s going to be nearly impossible to live comfortably.

“Toronto is for rich people. Toronto has become an exclusive country club for rich people, and if you are not rich you’re going find it near to impossible to live,” she says in the clip. 

“I’m talking about rich, rich. I’m talking about don’t have to look at the price tag rich, I’m talking about fill up the tank, I don’t care how much gas is, rich.”

“If you are someone who works hard and has multiple jobs, you’re going to find it impossible to live comfortably in Toronto. When I say comfortably I mean being able to afford rent, utilities, and canned goods to live off of.” 

“This is coming from someone who is not rich, I am far from rich, and it’s just getting harder and harder and harder to live in this damn city,” she continues, adding that it’s becoming frustrating.

People in the comments agree, saying that as the cost of living rises if they’re going to struggle, they’d rather do it in a different city. 

“It’s TRUE, I don’t even understand WHY! It is not even nice here, I’d rather struggle in California than Toronto.”

“Toronto is minimum 6 figures to play here.”

“$100,000 at minimum just to keep up with a 1 bedroom apartment and barely any savings.”

While others feel that the entire province is having the same problem. 

“Ontario is only for rich people life is unaffordable everywhere in Ontario.”

“I’m north of Toronto. I went to Freshco to buy baking stuff yesterday and put everything back, couldn’t even afford BAKING STUFF BRUH.”

Currently, the average rent in Toronto is $3,000, according to Urbanation. While according to the latest installment of Canada’s Food Price Report, food prices are only going to get worse.

This year, expect to pay five to seven per cent more for bakery items, dairy products, and meat, among other things. Seafood and general restaurant prices will also be four to six per cent higher. Fruit prices will increase by three to five per cent and vegetables will have an anticipated six to eight per cent price hike.

With files from Imani Walker.



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