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With Wonder: Exploring the Relationship Between Black LGBTQ+ Communities & Religion

TORONTO – Meeting at the intersections of being, Queer, Christian, and Black, the new film With Wonder explores the stories of people belonging to all three communities. Presented by Black Market Releasing and CarribeanTales and directed by Sharon Lewis, the film premieres in Toronto on October 14th in celebration of LGBT History Month.

With Wonder is a love letter to God, asking the question, can you be a Christian and Queer,” reads a release for the film. 

The film follows queer activists from around the world, including one transgender Sri Lankan Tamil comedian living in Los Angeles; queer people living in rural Jamaica; as well as Black, Asian and South Asian queer clerics in major cities like London, San Francisco, and New York. 

“Their stories, though sometimes strained, are all connected by their Faith,” the release continues. 

With Wonder is heartfelt and honest, delving into what for some might be uncomfortable conversations. The QPOC people in the film have come to terms and come out the other side, living their truth with the power of who they are.”

With Wonder: One-on-One with Frances-Anne Solomon

The News You Can Use team had the chance to chat with Black Market Releasing and CarribeanTales founder, award-winning filmmaker, and Academy member, Frances-Anne Solomon, to discuss the inspiration behind the new movie, and what their team was hoping to bring to the big screen. 

With Wonder is a film that explores the relationship between the Black, Gay community and religion, which is an important topic to explore because it goes to the need for everyone to have a spiritual life and to have the right to worship as they please,” Solomon said. 

“But also it looks at some of the prejudices within our Black communities towards people who identify as Queer,” she continued. 

Solomon says that it is obviously important for all people to have the right to practice and observe religion and spirituality however they choose, but queer people often face additional obstacles. 

“They face ostracization, they face prejudice, they face being targeted and refused access to participate in religion and it becomes a very important issue,” Solomon explained, adding that it’s also a human rights issue.

“I think it goes to the lack of diversity and the lack of flexibility in conventional religion,” Solomon continued, saying that she believes that there is a great need for modernization in religion. 

Starting in Toronto, the documentary will be going on a cinema tour spanning into next year. You can find more details on the documentary website

“With Wonder sheds a light on a very important and undiscussed aspect of Black community life, especially in the Caribbean. And to that extent, it tells an untold story of pain and hardship, and joy” the legendary filmmaker shared.

“It’s my sincere hope that introducing films like “With Wonder” to audiences everywhere, will lead to a better understanding and acceptance of the BIPOC community and their stories,” Solomon said. 
Let us know in the comments, will you be checking out With Wonder?



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