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What Americans Really Think About Canadians!

New York Times Square Brandon Gonez Asks Americans About Canadians

NEW YORK CITY – This week the team had to head to New York City on some special business, but you know we couldn’t pass up a chance to hang out in Times Square. We thought it would be the perfect opportunity to ask some Americans how they really feel about Canadians!

When asked what the biggest difference between Americans and Canadians is, there were some common answers. 

“You guys have a unique accent,” said one man with a laugh. 

“It’s a cross between British, Australian, and American,” explained another woman. 

A lot of people were also impressed with our healthcare.

“They have free healthcare and I think America needs to get into it!” one woman exclaimed. 

But when asked what Americans first think of when they hear the word “Canada”, the responses were interesting.

“Drake, yeah Drake. Or the Toronto Raptors, that’s what I see,”

“I feel like Canada, they have a lack of self-awareness,” one woman said. 

“Everyone there is like ‘we’re so nice’, or ‘we’re the nice version of America’ or whatever. But they have a lot of the same issues that we do here that we deal with, they just don’t recognize them,” she continued. 

“I think about the Black people in America that went to Canada to find their freedom, so I think about all the Black Canadians who have taken our history up there, from America to Canada,” said another woman. 

Hear what else New Yorkers had to say about Canadians and Toronto on this episode of The Brandon Gonez Show!



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