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‘I tried to get the vibes going, but nothing!’ Content creator is blasting Toronto’s nightlife scene for lack of dancing venues 

A TikTok video has garnered several comments about the best venues to dance at in Toronto after a content creator claims there’s no good clubs in the city. 

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pls help a fresh to toronto sister out bc it was grim #toronto #torontonightlife #torontobars #torontoclubs

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TikToker Teagan Jade (@teagsmua) captioned the post, “Pls (Please) help a fresh to Toronto sister out bc (because) it was grim.”

Jade continued to say in the video that she visited Toronto’s popular nightlife scene on King Street West, but felt that none of the restaurants and bars met her standards.

“I tried to get the vibes going, but nothing!” she said. 

The Brandon Gonez Show contacted local DJ and creative lead at Love Music Initiative Benjamin De Graaf for his input on the city’s nightlife scene. 

“There’s a lot of really legendary venues that had multiple rooms for people to go and enjoy many different styles of music in an evening have just vanished. They’ve closed down, they’ve been overrun by the constant necessity of condo life.”

However, De Graaf says he believes a lot of people have also moved away from Toronto and are now looking for new venues to enjoy music in their neighbourhoods. 

“So, now you see more venues sprouting up in these local areas of the GTA as opposed to everyone always feeling the need to come all the way downtown,” he said.

Alternatively, another local DJ named George Querubin told Now Toronto he has not noticed a lack of spaces to dance in the city. 

 “The nightlife scene has not diminished; rather, the abundance of options available today offers a diverse array of experiences.”

Furthermore, Querubin said if someone isn’t familiar with the city’s nightlife they may not  find an atmosphere to cater to their desired places to party.  

“The nightlife scene in the city remains vibrant and diverse, offering something for everyone, from seasoned party-goers to newcomers,” he added.

Some Torontonians who commented on the TikTok video advised people to branch out to other neighbourhoods other than King Street, such as College Street, Kensington Market and Queen Street. 

One user said, “Girl you have to go to latin reggaeton clubs/nights, no problem with people not dancing.”

Another user said, “The art of club dancing is a dying culture now! I remember so vividly in 2016 when (we) were all dancing in the club with the views album.” 

The Drake Hotel also commented, “Here for your boogie needs come to Queen.”



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