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‘Can’t believe this actually worked!’ Disney World accepted a ticket from 1978!

A TikTok video went viral of a man finding Disney World tickets from 46 years ago. (Courtesy: Matthew Ables/ TikTok)

A TikTok video went viral of a man finding Disney World tickets from 46 years ago and flying to Orlando hoping the park still accepts them. 

TikToker Matthew Ables posted a video online explaining he found Disney World tickets that his family paid $8 USD for and assumed they were a keepsake. 


I tried getting into Disney World using a 46 year old ticket #disneyworld #disney #themepark #funny #fyp

♬ original sound – Matthew Ables

“I realized that it’s never been used and there’s no expiration date,” Ables said. 

Since he was curious to know if the theme park would still accept the tickets purchased 46 years ago, he decided to travel from Texas to Orlando, Florida to find out. 

“I was getting nervous there because she started aggressively stamping void all over the ticket booklet and then left,” he said.

He explained the employee came back with a yellow pass to allow entry into Magic Kingdom. 

“I can’t believe this actually worked,” Ables said. 

The Brandon Gonez Show contacted a customer service agent at Disney World and she confirmed that 46-year-old tickets would still be accepted by the theme park. . 

“Now today, that same ticket would cost more than 20 times its original value,” she added.

She also said a ticket can be as high as over $200 USD with tax for a day ticket into the amusement park.


This is your sign to go and check if any of your old items are valuable? #disneyworld #disney #disneytickets #antique

♬ original sound – The Brandon Gonez Show



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