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This couple cancelled their Uber Eats order because the delivery guy was 84 minutes away on foot – Here’s what the delivery app had to say

Couple says their delivery guy was on foot and it would have taken him approximately 84 minutes to reach the designated location. (Courtesy: @mannatee00/ TikTok)


A TikTok couple shared their interesting experience after ordering some dinner on Uber Eats.

According to the pair, Taylor and Austin, their delivery guy was on foot and it would have taken him approximately 84 minutes to reach the designated location.

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“He’s walking 4.5 miles from WingStop. And they’re trying to tell me they’re going to fine me if I cancel the order,” Austin said.

It’s important to note their concern isn’t  just the 84 minutes it would have taken to get their food, especially since they’ve been waiting an hour prior to that. 

“Why are they letting him walk an hour and a half?,” Taylor said.

The couple later called Uber Eats’ support line and were told they would be charged if they decided not to go ahead with the delivery.   

In a follow up video, the pair shared that they eventually got their money back and that the delivery walker was spared the journey and got twenty pieces of wings for free in the end.

Uber Eats Canada told The Brandon Gonez Show that as independent workers, delivery people can choose how they want to complete deliveries.

“They can deliver using their vehicle, bike, or on foot. We strive to bring the magical Uber Eats experience to everyone, no matter how their order is delivered, and aim that they get it within a reasonable amount of time,” the company said in an email statement on Thursday.   

“Food delivery requests are matched with the delivery people most suitable to deliver primarily based on distance and time among other factors. Consumers are shown an ETA and the latest arrival time in real-time during the entire trip. If a consumer feels their food did not arrive within a reasonable time, they can reach out to Uber Support,” the company added. 

Uber Eats also confirmed that the couple received a full refund and that there was an error in dispatch that’s been resolved.



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