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Top 5 Interactive and Personalized Upgrades to Apple’s Latest iOS 17!

The Top 5 Interactive & Personalized Upgrades to Apple’s Latest iOS 17! (Courtesy: Apple)

If you’re an iPhone user then you probably depend on your device for everything – am I right? 

Apple says, “iOS 17 brings new features to enhance the things you do every day.” So, we’re listing the top five features you can expect to see!

  1. NameDrop

Bumped into an old college friend? Well, now you can bump phones to exchange contact info. Similar to AirDrop, you’ll just need to have Bluetooth enabled. 

  1. Contact Posters

When you’re calling your friends, not only does your name  pop up, you can now customize your contact name by including a photo of yourself or memoji. Plus, you can also customize the font, font size and colour of your name.  

  1. FaceTime video messages

Someone missed your FaceTime call? No problem. After a few rings and no answer you can now record yourself with a memo letting them know to call you right back.

  1. Live voicemail

How many times have you not been able to reach for your phone on time when someone’s trying to call you? With FaceTime video messaging you can now view  transcribed audio of the person leaving you a voicemail in real time. Plus, you also have the option to pick up the call from the person leaving you that voicemail at the same time. It’s a great way to avoid the back and forth phone tags, right? 

  1. Check In messages 

Whether you’re heading out on your own or meeting up with buddies for a picnic, iOS will notify your friend that you reached your destination. iOS will automatically send a text message to the person you shared your location info to, especially if you’re a forgetful person. Plus, you can include any other additional location information to the contact you’re sharing it with. For this feature to work both users will have to have iOS 17. 

You can view the full list of other features on the Apple website and check to see if your current iPhone is compatible with iOS 17. 



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