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Lilly Singh Wants Everyone to Know She’s from Scarborough and She’s Proud of It! 

TORONTO – She’s an internet icon who has been keeping it real and making us laugh for over a decade. Lilly Singh, also known as Superwoman, is a YouTube legend. She became a YouTuber at a time when it was a less widely considered career path. With over 14 million subscribers, Singh has 929 public videos. From advice to skits to vlogs, Singh’s been changing the game for years. But first, let’s get one thing straight: Singh is NOT from Brampton. 

“I am from Scarborough, my dog’s name is Scarborough! If you have a conversation with me for five minutes you should be able to tell that I’m from Scarborough!” Singh explained. 

She has even been honoured with a star on the Scarborough Walk of Fame. 

“Every person that reports, except for you because you do the work, reports that I’m from Brampton!” she continued.

“Their headlines [say] ‘Lilly from Brampton’, that’s why I’m not resharing, that’s why I’m not reacting!” 

Lilly Singh: A Thick Skin 

Despite her frustration with the misinformation circulating about her hometown, Singh shared that she’s learning to let more things roll off her back. She’s also pushing back against cancel culture. 

“We need to stop being so self-righteous with this like ‘I’m going to tell you who you are’. No, I’m going to tell you who I am instead and I just feel like I’m so over [it]. This year I’m not entertaining any cancel culture,” Singh said in a video posted to her Instagram.

In the social media clip, Singh explained that she doesn’t care about being cancelled. However, she told Brandon that she does not have a thick skin against everything. 

“There are still some comments that I get on social media where I’m like, that hurt and will always hurt because you’re hitting on a personal part of me,” said Singh, explaining that it’s something she’s working on in therapy. 

“We talk a lot about just boundaries. I’ve never really been good at boundaries, and one of the boundaries that I’m really trying to work on is giving other people permission to tell me who I am,” said Singh, adding that she does not want to let other people’s opinions define her. 

However, she explained that when she reads negative things about herself in the press, she often struggles to remember that it is not true. 

“I’m trying to get better at being like ‘No, I know who I am. I know what I believe in and you’re not allowed to tell me this about myself’,” said Singh.

She also shared a T.I. quote that helps her remember this. 

“You can’t give people with the least amount of information, the most consideration.”

Lilly Singh in 2023

After spending over ten years as a content creator, Singh has grown. She’s lived and learned, hosted a late-night show and written a few books. And she’s far from done. 

“I’m not going to front, my goal is world domination. It’s always been world domination,” she laughed. 

Lilly Singh, Photo: Instagram

“I believe there’s nothing I can’t do. I believe in myself and I believe in my community, and I believe in other people so fiercely,” Singh smiled, adding that she will continue chasing all of her aspirations. 

“I want us all to do all the things, I’m not in competition with anyone. I want you to succeed so hard so I can be cheering you along, and I would love that type of cheering back to me as well and we can all just win together,” she continued. 

Singh shared love for her change-making sister, the special routine she follows when getting ready, her goals for the future, and more on this episode of The Brandon Gonez Show. Let us know in the comments, which of Lilly’s videos is your favourite?



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