Majority of Conservative Party of Canada Voters Believe White People Face More Discrimination than Visible Minorities, Poll Finds

CANADA – According to Abacus Data Chief Executive David Coletto, more than half of people voting for the Conservative Party of Canada believe that white people face more discrimination than people who are visible minorities. 

“About 1 in 3 Canadians believe ‘white people are discriminated against more now than those from visible minority communities in this country.’” Coletto tweeted out, along with the graph featured below. 

53% of Conservative Party of Canada voters surveyed believe that white people are now discriminated against more than those from visible minority communities. That’s compared to 18% of Liberal voters and 12% of people voting for the NDP. The same data shows that overall 35% of Canadians believe that white people now experience more discrimination.

“When you’ve been in a position of power for so long, equality looks like oppression,” one person on Twitter responded to Coletto.

“Perhaps 1 in 3 Canadians should get out more and see what visible minorities actually face,” said another. 

“Old white male here. No one has harassed me for my appearance, except long hair in the 70s. I’ve never faced job discrimination based on my colour. I am not (justifiably) wary of police. No one follows me shopping. These things happen to my visible minority friends,” tweeted a third. 

On the other hand, Abacus Data found that overall 65% of Canadians surveyed believed that visible minorities experience more discrimination than their white counterparts. Meanwhile, 25% of Conservative voters included in the poll believe that visible minorities face more discrimination than white people, which is actually 1% more than the NDP for the same prompt.



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