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‘The prices are insane!’ Customers are accusing Value Village of price gouging 

(Courtesy: Google Maps)

Customers are calling out Value Village for outrageous price markups on used items. 

Many people online are sharing shocking prices they’re seeing at Value Village that they believe aren’t a bargain.

A user on X posted a planter with a $3 Dollarama sticker still attached to it. However, the secondhand shop was selling it for $8.99. 

A shopper also recently submitted pictures to Daily Hive of a stack of bowls that still had food remnants on them priced at $9.99. 

(Courtesy: Daily Hive)

Other users expressed their frustration with massive markup finds too. 

According to a Daily Hive report, another shopper spotted two short pieces of 2×4 tapped together priced at $4.49. 

(Courtesy: Daily Hive, blogTO)

Although at Home Depot the price for an entire 8-foot-long 2×4 is $3.98.

A spokesperson for Value Village told CBC News, thousands of items come through each of its stores every week and that staff try to price products accurately. 

“Customers should feel free to chat with a store manager if they think that an item has been inadvertently mispriced so we can quickly address it,” Sara Gaugl, director of marketing at Savers, the store’s parent company, said. 

We also posted a video about the Value Village markups and people responded, “Used to LOVE shopping here! No more though. The prices are insane! I’ll go thrifting elsewhere!”


Shoppers are accusing Value Village of price gouging and the shoppers are posting the items online. Do you think Value Village needs to do better for their customers? #valuevillage #thrift #donations

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“Stopped going when they had used books for $10…found some for .50 cents,” another user responded. 

“I worked for Value Village and I can say that the people they hired to make up these pricings are uneducated at best,” another commented.

The Brandon Gonez Show contacted Value Village but did not receive a response in time of publication. 



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