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An Exciting Opportunity for Canadian Creators!

TORONTO –  Have you ever started a Youtube channel but struggled with growing your audience and producing engaging content? There are some exciting opportunities for Canadian content creators to do just that thanks to a new multi-year partnership between Youtube Canada and HXOUSE. Based in Toronto, HXOUSE describes itself as a globally focused think-center focused on fostering innovation and opportunity for creatives as both an incubator and accelerator.

Introducing CNCPT, Designed for Canadian Creators

The collaboration has resulted in a new program called CNCPT described as “a place where creativity starts, [and] provides a variety of different free opportunities for aspiring creators and creators in the early stages of their careers.”

CNCPT will bring together the creativity and community building of HXOUSE with the reach and influence of the YouTube platform to deliver new opportunities for the next generation of Canadian creators,” reads a press release. 

Pronounced concept, CNCPT offers resources, mentorship and networking opportunities that will help them succeed on the platform.

According to Google, the program will offer three core pillars. This includes a year-long creator networking series for creators to gain access to industry experts as well as an in-depth knowledge session. The second pillar consists of two annual creator accelerator programs to help creators “grow their channels, harness monetization, and unearth new opportunities”. There will also be a series called “In-HXOUSE conversations”, which will allow artists and creatives to share their stories with aspiring creators. 

“This intensive hands-on and collaborative programming will be designed to help aspiring and emerging creators rapidly grow their channels, harness monetization, and unearth new opportunities,” the release reads.

The program will be available in-person for those located in the GTA and remotely for Canadian creators across the country. Officials say those who graduate from the new program will be able to apply for special grants from a new $100,000 fund being established by YouTube to support creatively ambitious ideas to accelerate the growth of their YouTube channels. 

Where is the Studio?

CNCPT will have a studio within HXOUSE, for creators to gain hands-on experience and learn about content production. The studio will include a professional editing suite as well as Google devices for participants to use, including Pixel smartphones and Chromebooks.

“We know that YouTube is the lifeblood for creatives and entrepreneurs alike to get their message and brand out to the world, and that’s why we’re extremely excited to celebrate this historical partnership and program. Learning how to commercialize creativity has been a missing gap in Canada that we can now fulfill,” said Ahmed Ismail, CEO of HXOUSE.

This is an exciting time for those considering becoming digital creatives. New research from Oxford Economics found that YouTube’s creative ecosystem contributed $1.1 billion to Canada’s GDP in 2021 alone!  The platform also supported more than 34,6000 Canadians jobs. 

“An unprecedented number of Canadian creators have built successful content businesses on YouTube, but we know there is so much more untapped potential in Canada. CNCPT will provide free mentorship, programming, funding, and community building to emerging creatives and support the pipeline of the next generation of content creators in Canada,” said Andrew Peterson, Head of YouTube Canada.

How Canadian Creators Can Get Involved

Canadians who are interested can sign up here to learn more and receive program updates for CNCPT’s various programs. Canadian creators on any platform, with any subscriber count, are welcome to attend the Creator Connect Series and the In-HXOUSE Conversations. To participate in the accelerator, creators need to:

  1. Live in Canada and be 18 years of age or older
  2. Have a YouTube channel that is part of the YouTube Partner Program with less than 100,000 subscribers, or have at least 100,000 followers on their main social media platform
  3. Regularly upload content, and be committed to accelerating the growth of their channel



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