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Some People are Discovering Bulk Barn for the First Time, and it’s so Wholesome

Bulk Barn store front, black and red lettering on a black store front

CANADA – One thing the internet has given us is the ability to learn about, and even experience, some things that otherwise we would never have the chance to see! For instance, thanks to the web Americans, and even some Canadians, are now discovering Bulk Barn for the first time. 

Bulk Barn, the long-standing Canadian bulk foods store was founded in 1982 and since then, the store has been a staple that provides cheaper options for some products. Shoppers can get everything from protein powder to Himalayan salt to peanut butter, in as small or as large of a quantity as their heart desires – or the recipe calls for.

A now-viral video on TikTok shows one U.S. resident experiencing all that the Canadian store has to offer. 

“What the f**k is a Bulk Barn because my mind is blown!” the TikToker @yunggravysfuturewife says in the first few seconds of the video, in which she shows off the various things the store sells in bulk. 

“This is the coolest place I’ve ever been!” she continues, as she strolls the aisles of food and condiments. 

Meantime, other Americans are taking to the app to share their own similar experiences in their own videos.

Some Reaction to the Bulk Barn Discovery

Many people on social media can not get enough of the pure joy experienced by the woman in the original video and are sharing their thoughts.

“I’m not shocked that Bulk Barn isn’t a global experience but I am shocked that you don’t have an American alternative,” one person shared. 

“As a Canadian, this is so amusing to me, I didn’t realize that other places don’t have Bulk Barns,” someone else commented.

While someone else shares that the store never loses its sparkle. 

“This is me every single time I enter Bulk Barn. I’ve lived in Canada my whole life and it still gets me excited.”

And others expressed concern that some Canadians appear to be in the dark about our bulk food retailer. 

“Americans finding out, sure. Canadians? Ya’ll need to get out more,” one person joked. 

“I’m sad to be living in a time like this… this generation coming up doesn’t know about Bulk Barn because of the lack of cooking/baking you see now. So many order out and are also not taught or passed down the knowledge. Bulk Barn used to be a place my grandparents went to get the ingredients to make the best baked goods on the holidays… that generation is dying fast,” another shared. 

Are you a fan of Bulk Barn? Or have you been living under a rock? Let us know in the comments!



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