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DVSN’s Daniel Daley Talks R&B Music, Thoughts on Cheating, and More!

TORONTO – Whether you’re getting hot and heavy, or just vibing, DVSN always hits. The Toronto-born R&B duo is making waves and taking over radios around the world. Brandon caught up with Daniel Daley, lead singer of DVSN, at a special event where he was giving fans tattoos of the DVSN logo.

Daley explained the inspiration behind the event.

“The whole meaning behind the sign is people who are cool on their own vibe, even if it means being divided from the rest,” Daley shared, adding that people kept showing up at his shows with the DVSN symbol tattooed on them. 

So Daley picked up a gun and learned how to tattoo. Taking a break from inking, he shared that most of the people lining up for new pieces are ladies, but a few gentlemen stopped by to show their support. 

DVSN: Surprised with Success

In the midst of his success, Daley is incredibly grateful for everything DVSN has achieved. 

“I’m thankful every day for every listen, every stream, for every concert that people show up to,” he explained. 

“It’s myself and 85… the two of us, what we put into DVSN is something that we just felt so personal about, so it’s dope when other people feel personal about something that you [feel] personal about because it gives you guys an immediate bond,” he continued. 

Daley shared that he never expected to achieve so much success with music. 

“When DVSN happened it was right at the point where I was almost ready to stop making music,” he explained, adding that he feared his music career may not “pan out”. 

“The game is crazy, you know what it’s like… We come from Toronto! This is not a place where a million success stories have happened,” Daley continued. 

He shared that he always knew his purpose, and his fans are what motivated him to keep going. 

Love for R&B

Toronto’s love for R&B runs deep. Daley explained that one of the reasons he loves the genre is he feels there is a style of R&B for everyone.

“Now it’s cool to sing about whatever, it doesn’t always have to be about love, it doesn’t always have to be making love and making up,” Daley explained, adding that new artists are broadening the horizons of R&B. 

Daley shared some of the wildest messages he’s gotten from fans, dug into his favourite R&B artists, and revealed the inspiration behind some of DVSN’s music in the latest episode of The Brandon Gonez Show. 



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