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Ontarians Call for Doug Ford to Repeal Bill 124, Following His Decision to Cancel Bill 28

Photo Courtesy: Ontario Nurses’ Association

ONTARIO – Now that Doug Ford has taken action towards repealing Bill 28, the controversial Bill that forced a contract on education workers and banned their strike action, Ontarians are calling for the Premier to do the same with the equally controversial Bill 124.

In 2019, the Ford government introduced and passed Bill 124, legislation that suppresses the wages of registered nurses, nurse practitioners, healthcare professionals, and other public-sector workers. 

The bill sets limits on pay raises for all public sector employees, meaning their wages can only be increased to a maximum of 1% every year without the right to bargain for an increase. 

The Ontario Nurses Association says Bill 124 has demoralized nurses and healthcare professionals, and made the healthcare crisis worse even worse. This comes as the Ontario healthcare system continues to struggle under rising COVID-19 and RSV cases, and a nasty cold and flu season. 

Many of Ontario’s nurses and healthcare workers have been forced to find better opportunities or leave their professions entirely due to burnout, and what they consider to be unfairly low wages. 

Healthcare workers are also calling for the unions who supported CUPE and Ontario’s education workers during their fight to repeal Bill 28, to do the same for Ontario’s healthcare workers and demand the repeal of Bill 124.

“Hey Doug, when you return to repeal Bill 28, which discriminates against female workers, you also need to repeal Bill 124, which suppresses nurses’ salaries,” commented one man.

“Personally, I think we shouldn’t stop at section 33 and Bill 28. Let’s go after Bill 124 also now,” tweeted another.

Healthcare workers are also sounding off online about how frustrated they are.

“Mixed emotions: excited for CUPE education workers and their historic win with the repeal of Bill 28. Sad to watch how powerless and voiceless the conservative government is trying to render nurses and other workers affected by Bill 124,” said advocate and nurse Birgit Uwalla Umaigba.

“Now if only all the unions that supported CUPE Ontario would stand by Ontario nurses and demand the repeal of Bill 124,” tweeted activist account Nurse With a Sign.

The Brandon Gonez Show team has reached out to the province for a response to these calls to action. They had not responded at the time of publication. 



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