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‘Why do people still support this vile place?’ Canadians disgusted that 15 animals have died in Marineland’s care in just four years

The Niagara Falls-based park is under fire once again after it was revealed that since 2019, 14 whales and a dolphin have died at Marineland (Courtesy: Flickr/Linda Nguyen)

While the park’s slogan may be “Everyone loves Marineland,” the park is once again making headlines for all the wrong reasons. The Niagara Falls-based park is under fire once again after it was revealed that since 2019, 14 whales and a dolphin have died at Marineland, according to reporting by The Canadian Press.

The park is under investigation, and authorities have been looking into their practices for years. Investigations into the park began in 2020 and have seen Animal Welfare Services hit up the park at least 160 times, The Canadian Press reports. 

Provincial officials have intervened in the park’s care of the animals in the past. In 2021, Marineland was told to fix its water, with authorities saying that the marine animals living at the park appeared distressed. However, Marineland appealed the order, saying the animals in question were fine. 

In another instance, the park was charged by Animal Welfare Services over the care of its American Black Bears earlier this year. 

Now Toronto reached out to Marineland for a statement on the deaths of the animals but did not hear back in time for publication. 

The Canadian Press got info about the 15 deaths that occurred in four years from a list created by the Ministry of the Solicitor General. Of those animals, 12 of them reportedly died in two years. When questioned about the situation at Marineland, the ministry cited an ongoing investigation and said questions about the animals’ deaths should be directed to Marineland.

Following news that over a dozen animals had died in the park’s care in recent years, many people took to social media to call for the park to close its doors.

“How come it is still open?!? 14 whales since 2019,” wrote one Twitter user. 

“Why do people still support this vile place? Is watching animals being abused and tortured entertainment for them?” another person questioned.

“So apparently everyone does not love Marineland. Close it down.”

While others questioned why officials have not shut down the park. 

“The prov. investigation has been ongoing for over 3 years! What the hell is taking so long @ONsafety? How dare you fob this off to Marineland, SHUT IT DOWN! Get Out of the Animal Business Now!



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  1. It’s all about money, as long as people pay money to get in it will continue. That is what’s most disturbing that people are still showing up to get in. Where is their conscience or are they just ignorant despite the news coverage!

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