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Toronto R&B Artist Aqyila Speaks on Her New EP ‘For the Better’ 

Whenever Toronto artist Aqyila joins us in the studio, you know it’s the vibe for us! She returned to The Brandon Gonez Show this week to discuss her new EP, her career growth in the last year, and her path to success. 

“Little Taaharia is grateful because it’s like, wow I’m really having my moment right now,” shared Aqyila, whose birth name is Taahira Aqyila Duff. 

“Until ‘Hello’ and ‘Pressure’ I was not listening to myself on Spotify, I was skipping myself because like I don’t want to hear myself because I remember myself vividly.” 

She revealed her personal favourite track from the new EP is “Hello,” a song she hopes resonates with a lot of people, explaining that it’s about reminding yourself that it’s okay if life doesn’t work out the way you want it to. 

“I always tell myself that just because something misses me it doesn’t mean it was always meant for me, and what’s meant for me won’t ever pass me,” Aqyila explained, sharing that she pulled the title of the EP, For The Better, from the song “Hello.” 

Feeling Good With Aqyila

The songstress revealed that she’s all about feeling good and promoting the soft life, and she believes it’s important to create music that creates a soft vibe. 

“I want people to feel good so I’m glad it’s translating through the thing because I believe in relaxation, soft life, and enjoyment,” Aqyila said. 

“I think that’s good, to have a song that makes you feel good vibes.” 

When compared to Summer Walker, Aqyila is flattered but says she’s in her own lane.

“Summer Walker is phenomenal first of all. I’m also like you know I’m in my own lane I feel and I’m getting there but I still have a lot of growing to do and I’m OK with that.”

“I’m loving this journey of growing as an artist. Everything has been so fast-paced and I’m loving it, I’m loving every moment soaking it in,” she continued. 

Aqyila is performing in Mississauga for Canada Day at Celebration Square, something she has been manifesting since seeing Tyler Shaw perform at the venue as a kid. 

“I was telling my mom ‘Oh my gosh I want to sing here one day, I wonder how that works’ and when the offer came in a couple of weeks ago my manager and I were like ‘This is so cute’ and I was like ‘this is literally what I’ve been manifesting [since] I was a kid.’” 

Aqyila blessed us with her killer vocals performing songs from her new EP For The Better,  including “Vibe for Me” and “Hello” on The Brandon Gonez Show’s first Unfiltered Session. 



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