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Millennials think Half a Million Dollars a Year is the Key to Happiness according to a Recent Survey 

In a recent survey, the average person believes it would take $1.2 million in their bank accounts to be financially happy.  (Courtesy: FOND)

In a recent survey, the average person believes it would take $1.2 million in their bank accounts to be financially happy. 

The survey was conducted by The Harris Poll in August and asked over 2,000 Americans aged 18 and over how much money they think would make them happy. 

Annual earnings each generation believes to achieve happiness according to the report:

Gen Z: $128, 000

Millennials: $525,000

Gen X: $130,000

Boomer: $124,000

(Courtesy: The Currency Empower website)

A TikTok user who identified himself as a millennial had his own opinion and reacted to the report. 

“That’s a lie I’m a millennial, that’s a whole a** lie. You need a therapist and a financial consultant if you think you need that much money to be happy! Alright, even in this economy that’s a lot of money, you don’t need over half a mill, uh-uh that’s a lie,” the user said. 

One user commented, “150k would be super comfy 200k I would be satisfied with life.”

Another commented, “Depends on kids. I have 4 and I think I need that much to be happy. If I have no kids, I’d be good with $150.”

Canadians are also feeling the brunt of the high cost of living too. In a recent survey by Pollara, Ontario ranked second as the most annoyed or angry region in the country with money playing a factor. 

(Courtesy: Pollara strategic insights)

A woman from Toronto said she makes over a 100k, and although she’s grateful, says all she can really afford is to live.

“So crazy to me that as a kid I dreamed of making six figures like having a six figure corporate job was my absolute f**king dream and now I’m realizing like 100k does not take you far at all,” the user said.


#stitch with @Blaire ✨ Allison they say 100k is the new 70k!! i struggled for so long to afford basic necessities like groceries, my cat’s vet bills, and paying off my debts. and i’m so appreciative and grateful to be able to make this much now but all i can really afford is to live. #costoflivingcrisis #inflation #torontolife #torontorentalmarket #shrinkflation #torontorentprices #torontofinance #torontocostofliving

♬ original sound – bridgette

“I make 90k and feel broke,” one user commented.

“This!!! I never thought I’d feel so broke making over $100k, like you I dreamt of it, it’s wild,” another user commented.

People ages 18-34 felt the most frustrated with the Canadian economy, ranking at 68%.

(Courtesy: Pollara strategic insights)

So, what’s your reaction to the survey, can money buy you happiness and at what cost? 



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