People are Roasting Premier Doug Ford After He Swallowed a Bee Live on TV

DUNDALK – At a press conference today in Dundalk, Ontario, Doug Ford was talking about the current healthcare crisis facing Ontario when a bee flew into his mouth, causing the Premier to swallow it.

“He’s down here buzzing around right now, he has a lot of real estate,” the premier joked. 

Online, people are poking fun at the premier with some saying it seems like the wildlife in Ontario may even be against Premier Doug Ford’s potential healthcare privatization.  

“Our environment is literally trying to save us. Thank you bee for your service,” joked another.

While other people had more serious thoughts on the matter.

“People are going to make jokes about this but it’s not funny. Keep in mind, Doug Ford lives in Doug Ford’s Ontario. If he’d been allergic to bees there’s a worryingly high chance that he’d have died while waiting for emergency medical assistance,” wrote on Twitter user.

“And when he heads to the ER for anaphylactic shock he’ll wait in the hallway like everyone else,” someone else wrote.

It seems the premier didn’t quite understand the irony of the situation, though. 

“I can’t even remember what I was talking about, I’ll be rushing to the hospital to get the bee out of here,” the premier said after washing the bug down with some water. 

This comes as many people in Ontario worry about the future of the province’s public health care system. When asked by reporters how the province would be handling the healthcare crisis, Sylvia Jones, the Ontario Minister of Health, didn’t rule out privatization. Jones said that all options are on the table. 



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