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Rapper Lola Brooke Gets Real About the Female Rap Scene

Lola Brooke

Lola Brooke is coming in hot on the rap scene and she’s just getting started.  At the time of publication, her hit song “Don’t Play With It” had over 31 million streams, with hundreds of thousands of likes, and nearly 6 thousand comments. Hailing from Brooklyn New York, the rapper joined The Brandon Gonez Show to discuss her hit music, upcoming projects, thoughts on Toronto, and more. 

She shared that her journey to success was not an easy one, but she wouldn’t change it for the world. Although she is fresh on the music scene, the rapper says that music has been a life-long passion.

“My grandma on my dad’s side told me that I used to hum myself to sleep, so I think it was already there,” she explained. 

The rapper shared that she grew up around other artists. She says that at the beginning of her career, she and her friends would make music and upload it to platforms like SoundCloud and MySpace.

Before taking her music career full-time, Lola Brooke was working at a men’s shelter in Queens, New York as a residential aid. She supported clients, making sure they had the supplies they needed. But she was ready to take a chance on her art. 

“I felt like I had so much full support from the people in my community in really doing the rap thing. So I just went for it. [In] 2017 I left my job and said this is what I’m doing, there’s no plan B.” 

Brooklyn – AKA Brooke-lyn

Lola Brooke is proud to have roots planted in Brooklyn, New York. While each borough has its defining traits, she shared that growing up in Brooklyn influenced her sound. 

“It’s just the swag. I always say it’s not on me, it’s in me. It’s a Brooklyn thing, it’s like the pep in your step,” she smiled. 

“We can’t help ourselves but to shake the spot.”

So with people around the world bopping to her music, how does the artist feel about her new-found success?

“I feel the love and the energy from the people. But within, I be like ‘It finally came, girl!’I don’t know how to explain it. I’m just working and I’m just so happy to be here, happy to be healthy so I can continue to build on my accomplishments,” she explained with a smile. 

And what’s next?

“I just see me being the next face of New York City,” she shared.

“When they think of Brooklyn, I want them to be like ‘Lola Brooke!’ I want them to spell Brooklyn how I spell my last name!”

Lola Brooke spills the tea about who she thinks is the Queen of Rap, how women from New York are taking over the industry, the creative process behind her new song “Just Relax” and more on this episode of The Brandon Gonez Show!



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